1-Click Microservice

Deploy a secure, public facing HTTP microservice with database persistence with a single click.

Serverless With A Free Monthly Allocation

No server or container provisioning or management, pay only for what you use. Enjoy a free monthly allocation of compute time.

Capture Real-time Event Data

Capture real-time event data from any source utilizing JSON over HTTP. Embed ETL logic directly into a microservice making integrations a breeze.

Developer Tools

The Eventn user interface provides a JavaScript service editor and test environment for rapid microservice development.

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Developer Tools

JavaScript (ES6) Service Logic

Eventn microservices execute in a secure and scalable sandboxed Node.js environment. This provides freedom to not only use all JavaScript features, but also ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) features available in Node.js (v7.x) such as async/await. Additionally, Eventn also supports a set of selected NPM modules.

  • Microservices for Analytics

Microservices for Data Collection and ETL

Launch microservices for real-time data collection at scale. Preform powerful data extractions and transformations on both structured and unstructured data, without the need for complex data pipelines.

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Data Warehouse

Microservices for Analytics

Using the power of SQL, rapidly respond to changing Business Intelligence needs across the business. Deploy RESTful analytical data services to power real-time dashboards, mobile apps and system integrations in minutes.

  • Microservices for Analytics

Internet Of Things (IOT)

Deploy microservices for IOT applications. Utilize serverless compute power across multiple geographies for seamless and secure interoperability.

Internet Of Things (IOT)
News & Views

Latest thoughts + musings from the team.

October 4 2017 - [Service Recipe]
Extract web page content for a given URL.

This recipe demonstrates how to develop a microservice for automatic content extraction from a web page.

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August 5 2017 - [Blog]
July Platform Updates: Node v8.2.1, Service Recipes and LDA Topic Modelling

We have been busy over the last few weeks with platform and website improvements so wanted to share some of the highlights.

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July 15 2017 - [Service Recipe]
URL Topic Extraction

Extract topics for a given URL using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA).

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July 02 2017 - [Service Recipe]
Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Topic Modeling

LDA is a machine learning algorithm that extracts topics and their related keywords from a collection of documents.

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June 17 2017 - [Service Recipe]
Local Database Connectivity

How to connect an Eventn microservice to a locally hosted MySQL Database using ngrok TCP tunnels..

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May 5 2017 - [Blog]
Storing API Test Results to a Database with Runscope and Event

Integrating Runscope with Eventn microservices to store API test results to a database.

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