Data-driven Microservices

Eventn is a cloud platform that lets developers rapidly build, deploy and scale RESTful microservices for analytical workloads.

As businesses of all sizes become increasingly real-time and data driven, analytics continues to play a critical role in supporting data-driven decisions. This challenges application developers, architects and data scientists alike to remain agile and deliver data innovation rapidly, reliably and in a scalable manner.

The Challenge

As big data needs grow, so does the challenge to support, integrate and scale disparate analytical systems whilst innovating and unlocking value with machine learning, deep learning and natural-language processing.

The Solution

Eventn is a highly scalable Microservices platform designed for data centric and analytical workloads. Each service provides access to a secure Node.js execution environment, coupled with an inbuilt message queue and exposed via HTTP.

Rapidly deploy custom RESTful services connecting directly to existing databases or cloud data warehouse environments.

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate data driven individuals with a deep understanding of real-time and event driven systems. We are based in San Francisco, California.

Developers: How It Works

Deploy a new microservice with a single click or API call. Send data via an HTTP POST or get analytics via an HTTP GET.

Store Adapters

Connect microservices to databases and data warehouse using the following connectors:

  • Cloud MySQL - cost effective, fully managed MySQL service
  • PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL & MariaDB - Read More 
  • Google BigQuery - Read More. 

Read more about the Eventn architecture within the User Guide. 


Eventn provides a secure Node.js microservices platform utilizing REST over HTTP with JSON. Each microservice exposes an independent POST (asynchronous) function and GET (synchronous) function that are triggered by their respective HTTP request.

JavaScript Service Logic

Each microservice executes within an independent and secure isolated Node.js context. This environment provides freedom to not only use all JavaScript features, but also ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) features available in Node.js (v7.x). Additionally, Eventn also supports a set of selected NPM modules.

Advanced SQL Analytics

Use the power and simplicity of SQL to preform queries across both real-time and historical data sets from each microservice. Use Eventn fully managed MySQL or connect directly to your Data Warehouse.

News & Views

Latest thoughts + musings from the team.

July 15 2017 - [Service Recipe]
URL Topic Extraction

Extract topics for a given URL using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA).

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July 02 2017 - [Service Recipe]
Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Topic Modeling

LDA is a machine learning algorithm that extracts topics and their related keywords from a collection of documents.

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June 17 2017 - [Service Recipe]
Local Database Connectivity

How to connect an Eventn microservice to a locally hosted MySQL Database using ngrok TCP tunnels..

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May 5 2017 - [Blog]
Storing API Test Results to a Database with Runscope and Event

Integrating Runscope with Eventn microservices to store API test results to a database.

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April 2 2017 - [Blog]
Introducing Store Adapters for external database connectivity

Today we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Store Adapter interface for rapid connectivity to external databases.

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March 26 2017 - [Blog]
Node.js v7.6.0 with async/await

The Eventn platform now supports Node.js v7.6.0. This is a significant release in that it contained an update to V8 to v5.5 (Node's underlying JS engine from Google).

Read the rest

Microservices refers to an architectural style for developing applications. Microservices allow a large application to be decomposed into independent constituent parts, with each part having its own realm of responsibility.

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