August 5th 2017

July Platform Updates: Node v8.2.1, Service Recipes and LDA Topic Modelling

We have been busy over the last few weeks with platform and website improvements so wanted to share some of the highlights.

Node.js Version Upgrade (v8.2.1)

We are pleased to announce that Eventn now supports Node.js v8.2.1including:

  • Introduction of Async Hooks API
  • Release of N-API
  • Buffer security improvements
  • Upgrade of chrome V8 to 5.8
  • Upgrade of npm to 5.0
  • JS binding inspector
  • Stable version of WHATWG URL

NPM Packages - Topic Modelling

We have introduced two very useful NPM packages to support topic modelling use cases for both text and web pages. LDA (V0.1.9) is used for Latent Dirichlet Allocation topic modeling, taking a document and returning topics. This is very useful for any sort of automated tagging or classification of content. For example, if you are storing news URL's you may want to automatically classify these by topic as they are saved. Used in conjunction with Node Readability (V2.2.0) which turns any web page into a clean view, we can easily build services for web page topic extraction.

See the related example microservice recipes:

Microservice Recipes

The Service Recipes section has undergone an update so that recipes are now sorted by use case (Natural Language Processing, Event Processing, ETL and general Utilities) making it faster to find recipes of interest. A search function is also being implemented as the archive grows.

Happy Hacking!