Note: this functionality has now been superseded by store adapters.
February 14th 2017

MySQL Store Adapter - Alpha Preview Release

Eventn was launched with support for an inbuilt data store providing a fast and convenient way to deploy a database-backed microservice within seconds. Upon service creation, a new store (or database table) is automatically created along with an associated user with the appropriate security permissions.

This model is ideal for rapid service deployment but of course, many organizations require a convenient way to connect a microservice to their existing databases. Today we are pleased to announce the alpha release of an external MySQL Store Adapter.

Alpha Release

The MySQL Store Adapter has been released for preview and testing purposes. Whilst the functionality is stable, it has been released as “alpha” knowing that the Store Adapter interface is still work in progress and will be changing in non-backwardly compatible ways. As a result, it is not recommended to use the adapter for any production workloads.


To use the MySQL Store Adapter, simply pass your SQL configuration as the body payload on service creation i.e.POST

    "adapter_db_host": "[HOST]",
    "adapter_db_port": "[PORT]",
    "adapter_db_user": "[USER]",
    "adapter_db_password": "[PW]",
    "adapter_db_table": "[TABLE]",
    "adapter_db_database": "[DB]"

The adapter can then be used within a microservice as follows:

return context.storeAdapter().insert({ count: 1, notes: });

Store Adapters

This preview release is the first step in the Store Adapter feature set. The interface will be extended to support multiple tables and databases available within the same service, as well of course extending the range of databases supported beyond MySQL. Look out for the beta release in the near future.