Industry Word2Vec (Beta)

Automatic Industry Text Summarization


The Eventn Word2Vec service provides industry focused Text Summarization making it easy to distill the most important information across industries keeping a finger on the pulse from a single API.

The Eventplatform continuously crawls sites across the web in real-time to build vast industry focused data corpuses.

What Is Word2Vec?

Use Cases

Product Builders

Content Creatives


The following industries are supported by the EventWord2Vec service:

Industry NameModel Name

Looking for an industry that is not currently supported? Feel free to contact us to get your industry of choice added.

Getting Started

Test the service by making a GET request passing in the keyword term and industry name:

Example response:

API Methods


Loads a specified industry model containing vector representations.

mostSimilar(phrase, number)

Calculates the cosine distance between the supplied phrase (a string which is internally converted to an Array of words, which result in a phrase vector) and the other word vectors of the vocabulary. Returned are the number words with the highest similarity to the supplied phrase. If number is not supplied, by default the 40 highest scoring words are returned. If none of the words in the phrase appears in the dictionary, the function returnsnull. In all other cases, unknown words will be dropped in the computation of the cosine distance.

similarity(phrase1, phrase2)

analogy(word, pair, number)




getNearestWords(vector, number)