Simple pricing with flexibility that scales

Serverless architecture with a free allocation every month. Pay only for what you use.

Free Monthly Allocation

24 hours/month of free compute time

250Mb MySQL Storage

86,430,855 ms/month of free compute time. As an example usage, this allocation equates to 1 req every 3 seconds or 864,309 events for services executing within 100ms each.

Compute Time Pricing

$0.0000020016/100 ms

(Equates to $2.00 per million @ 100ms each)

  • Unlimited Microservices
  • 512 Mb Service Execution Memory
  • Expert Email Support
  • 24x7 Monitoring

MySQL Storage

250Mb to 5GB - $9.99/GB/Month

5GB+ $4.99/GB/Month

  • High Availability (Multi-region Automatic Failover)
  • SSD Storage
  • Daily Database Backups

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Total Monthly Events
Monthly Cost *

* Displayed price estimate includes monthly free allocation. Prices shown calculated for 30 day period. NOTE: Eventn is billed based on calendar months and hence actual billed values may differ.

Enterprise & Custom Plans

For larger or custom requirements, Eventn can provide custom plans to support Enterprise security and performance requirements at significantly reduced rates. Enterprise and custom plans include:

  • Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Fixed Cost Billing
  • Custom Service Memory Allocation
  • Custom and Self-hosted Databases
  • Multi-zone deployments
  • Dedicated 24x7 Support
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • 24x7 Alerting
  • Custom Node.js Modules

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Dedicated Infrastructure
Custom Service Memory
Multi-zone Deployments
Guaranteed SLA


What does "Free until end of July 2017" mean?

It means exactly that! We won't begin charging you until August 1st 2017 when the public beta period ends. Charging will only begin when the free monthly allocation of compute time has been used and you have consented to proceed with billing by entering credit card details. No credit card details are required at signup, or to use the free allocation.

As default for the public beta, accounts are rate limited to 10 req/sec. Need more? Great! Contact us to have the rate limit increased.

How is the service execution timed and billed?

Service execution time is billed in 100ms increments and rounded up. Service execution time is measured from when your code starts running until is completes or otherwise terminates. The free allocation is deducted from the total monthly service execution time.

How much memory is allocated to service execution?

As default, services run with 512 Mb of memory allocated for code execution. Need more? Contact us.

How do your billing cycles work?

Eventn bills by calendar month. This means that in any given month the bill you receive will be for the previous month of use, not the current one (similar to the way phone services work).